Changing Camera Pixels of an iPhone

Pixels refer to those tiny squares which make up an image you see on digital media. While surfing on your iPhone, you can see these pixels when you zoom into a photo a bit too much. The concentration if these pixels defines the resolution of your image (i.e. it’s quality). Hence, you need to choose what kind of photo you want – whether you want to snap one from the high end auto-focus camera on the back end of your iPhone, or the small on on the front, or one using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) settings.

One way is to zoom to an object you see on your camera. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on the side (or the screen) to zoom in and out of your focus respectively. Other way is to create a high quality image using the HDR option, which generates image after taking three passes (or exposures).

Installing Your 12V Camera Surveillance System

Many people think that only professionals need to be called for installing an electronic surveillance system. Quite on the contrary, with the right tools and proper guidelines (not to forget the safety precautions), you can install your 12V CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Camera Surveillance System in no time. First, you need to understand what the various wires mean. The system comes with three primary wires – the ground, the 12V DC (Supply) wire and the camera signal wire. The RG-59 coax wire is used for the signal transmission while the Siamese cables are used for the power supply connection. All these connection elements come with your CCTV system.

Put all the power supply connectors together (after butt splicing them) and wrap them together using and electric tape (which will protect them from the moisture). Similarly, connect the RG-59 cable after installing the connectors. Put the BNC barrel and connectors together. Put the connections to the power supply and the DVR.

Using Macs as Surveillance Cameras

Owing to the huge amounts of risks nowadays, everyone wants to purchase a full-fledged electronic surveillance system for their home and/or office. It is good to note that instead of buying those costly devices, you can use your Mac computer as a surveillance device, all thanks to its in-built camera and the relevant software like iSight and iMovie.

Firstly, you need to make sure you do not loose battery power uselessly. Hence, select the ‘Energy Saver’ Mode from ‘System Preferences’. Select the ‘Sleep’ tab and choose ‘Never’ to ensure the Mac does not sleep when idle. Go to the iMovie application. Select the ‘Import from Camera’ option and adjust your screen position (i.e. the camera position) to locate the spot you intend to keep a track of. Click the capture button and create a new event from the drop down menu. Once done, the Mac will start recording until it fills all the hard drive capacity.

Connecting Your Ematic MP3 Player to Your TV

The Ematic MP3 player is not only good when it comes to superior quality music experience. The excellent connectivity features of this little genius allows it to be connected to your TV set so that you can browse through and see your videos and pictures (located in the memory of the MP3 player) on your big screen. An RCA cable helps you to connect the Ematic MP3 player to your TV. Also, you do not need to install any specialised hardware or software to your TV set for the cause since the MP3 player is equipped with the same. All you require is a minute to set up the connections.

Connect the RCA cable between the ‘TV OUT’ ports on your Ematic player and the ‘Video & Audio In’ ports on your TV. Select the ‘TV OUT’ option and select ‘ON’. This option can be located in the System settings of your MP3 player.

Installing the ILO MP3 Player Driver

A driver is a software (often developed by third party developers or people who built devices for the same) which helps the computer to interact with a particular external hardware device. So even if you have a plush ILO MP3 player with you, your computer will have trouble putting your favorite songs in it (unless if you have a new OS which has good amount of on-board drivers). Hence, you will have to download the ILO MP3 Player driver so as to facilitate the successful synchronization of songs from your computer to your player.

Put the CD you got along with your ILO MP3 player into the CD (or DVD) drive of your computer. Select the ‘Autoplay’ option in the tab that appears and click on the install button. This will install the relevant driver(s) into your computer so that you can start transferring songs from your desktop to your ILO MP3 player.

Troubleshooting Your Coby MP822 MP3 Player

Most of the MP3 players are good enough only for music files. The new Coby MP822 MP3 player, however, promises much more – a 2.8 inch full touch screen, capability to play most of the file formats for music, movies and pictures and a built in reset technology – just in case the player freezes suddenly. The best part is that the reset function returns the system to a functional mode without letting you lose your valuable collection.

However, you need to be sure that your MP822 MP3 player has truly got some problem. Many a times, people misinterpret a simple ‘battery over’ as an error. In such cases, simply plugging your MP3 player to your PC will start the battery recharge process.

In cases when the OS has stopped in between. locate the reset hole on the back panel of your MP822 player, put a pointed object (like an end of your paper pin) inside and push it.

The Best Settings for Quality Viewing on Your Plasma TV

A plasma TV is the topmost choice for those who do not like to compromise on their television experience. It also remains a dream choice for many, owing to its superior quality (even than the chick LCD panels) packed in a huge cost. Also, just buying a Plasma screen TV for big bucks is not everything. You need to optimize the default settings to suit your media requirements so as to get the best your Plasma TV has to offer. You might never know the true potential of your TV if you do not opt for the best settings which will bring the best movie or gaming experience on your Plasma TV.

First timers can reduce the hassle by selecting from the preset options in the Plasma TV for typical programs like a movie, a sports channel and so on. One should also give a thorough attention to the brightness, contrast and sharpness ratio to select the best combination.

Connecting Your Lenovo Computer to Your VGA TV

Lenovo computers are known not only for their astounding multimedia features but also their capacity to be connected to various external display media, like VGA television sets. Once you connect your Lenovo computer to a VGA TV, you can enhance your desktop, movie or gaming experience in leaps and bounds, due to the increase in the screen size.

Connect your TV set to your Lenovo Computer using the VGA cable. Connect the cord to the VGA input port on your TV and the VGA input port on your Lenovo computer. Turn on your Lenovo Computer and your VGA television set. Select the TV input mode as ‘VGA mode’. You will be able to see the desktop screen on your TV. If you want to use your TV as a dual monitor, press the Windows & ‘P’ keys. This way, you can work on your computer, watch a movie or play your favorite game on a bigger screen.

Hooking up the z506 Speakers to Your TV

The 5.1 surround sound capability of the LG z506 speaker system is astounding and will truly enhance your movie, music and gaming experience. The z506 speaker system is compatible with most of today’s television systems and exhibits a 75 Watts of RMS power. Here are a couple of simple steps to connect the LG z506 speaker system to your TV set.

Separate the various speakers from the total set. Connect each speaker to the respective port at the back of the speaker system. Make sure you read the tags associated with each speaker at the back of the system and connect it correctly. Connect the RCA cords between the system and your TV (following the color code). Connect the sub-woofer cord into the electricity outlet and switch on your system. Adjust the volume and bass levels on the speaker system as per your requirement. Turn on your television set to feel the enthralling music experience.

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