Some Tips for Using SLR lenses for Digital Photography

SLR lenses are ones with which you can get the best out of your pictures and photos. You can try out either a 16 or 18 mm lens with your camera. If you want to have a wide angle shot then it is preferable that you go with your 18 mm lens as it allows more light in or else the 16 mm would be just appropriate for normal usage. In case you want to shoot an object which is far from your camera at an approximate distance of about 10 feet then you can go up to 200 mm and then just focus on the object with your camera and take a perfect shot.

An SLR lens would always give you absolute picture clarity which would be otherwise impossible to obtain from any other type of lenses and hence if you want to take photography on a serious note then you must use SLR lenses for digital photography.

Connecting Your Cannon Rebel XS to a TV

One of the most interesting features that you would find in a canon rebel camera is that it can be connected to a TV screen which can be used to display the images which are stored inside the camera. While starting the process make sure that both the camera and the television in switched off and the memory card containing the images is inserted in the slot properly. The camera comes with a special cord with which it can be connected.

The next step is to use this cord and connect the cord to the ‘video out’ port of the camera which is located on the left panel and connect the other end of the cord to the ‘video in’ of your television. After this you have to switch on the camera and the television and play the images which are stored in the memory using the play button and they will be displayed on your television.

Does it Matter to Soundproof Your Sink?

Soundproofing a sink is not always necessary but if you find that the noise is unbearable then you may go for soundproofing. Newer sinks are always built of materials that absorb sound well like fiberglass and hence they do not need any soundproofing. Older sinks are generally made of metals and may sometimes generate too much noise with the sound of water splashing onto it or during washing of utensils and hence they generally need to be soundproofed. Mass loaded vinyl is one common material used for soundproofing and is applied underneath the bottom of the sink and can effectively absorb noise.

You can also use acoustical foam for absorbing sound especially when the area underneath the sink is in the form of a cabinet and adds to the noise by creating an echo. As the sound generally comes from the base hence you may also choose to alter the area of the base in order to change the amount of sound being emitted which is exactly what is done with acoustical foam.

Focusing Your Coolpix 110

A Nikon Coolpix 110 comes with an automatic focusing mechanism but you can also choose to focus on any object using the manual focusing button which is the same as the shutter button. The first thing that you have to do when you want to focus on a particular object is to hold your camera in that particular direction and also make sure that you don’t move your hand much. The next step is to press the shutter button which is located on the top right hand corner half way and the lens automatically adjusts itself and starts focusing.

The camera also comes with a focus indicator that indicates that the object has been focused on successfully. You can find the focus indicator at the top center of the viewfinder. When the light goes green then it indicates that the focusing of the particular object and the camera is ready to take an image of the same. Press the shutter button all the way through to take an image.

How to Make Voice Work on iPod Shuffle

Using an iPod shuffle can sometimes be frustrating as compared to ipod touch and nano or the classic versions because this ipod lacks a screen where you can get information regarding the current song that is being played or the amount of battery that is still available. It is here that the voiceover software comes to your help and you can get all this information online. You can either enable voiceover during the setup process or you can connect your ipod to your computer using usb cable and use iTunes to activate voiceover software.

You have to simply go to the ipod shuffle icon and then select it and click on the summary tab to enable voiceover software. After you have enabled it successfully you should save your preference by clicking on apply settings and then when you are finally done with all these steps you can exit itunes and disconnect your ipod from your computer.

Connecting your iPod to Your Old Boom Box

If you want to hear your favorite music loud, then you will need to connect your ipod to a boom box, a boom box can come with a 3.5 mm audio input or a RCA audio jacks or a cassette deck. In order to connect your ipod to your boom box you need to just have a wire with a 3.5 mm jack at its two ends and then simply connect your ipod output with the boom box input. You would also need a cassette adapter in order to finally get any sound from your boom box.

Use the eject button on your boom box in order to eject the cassette tray and once it comes out then you can simply insert the cassette adapter in the tray and then finally close it. Now your ipod is connected to your boom box and you will be able to listen to any music that you play in your ipod.

Upgrading the iPhone 3G’s to 4.0.1

The 4.0.1 is an update patch for the iPhone 3GS phone and has some amazing newly added features like Multi tasking (through the multi tasking status bar), the zoom feature for the camera and so on. This upgrade patch is available for iPhone users and can be downloaded through the iTunes synchronization process. Apple also released more than 150 new APIs to developers to ease the interaction between various third party applications and Apple’s iOS. The final version of this operating system was released on June 21st, 2010.

Go to the iTunes software on your desktop computer. Connect your iPhone 3GS to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Locate your device on the iTunes software and click the ‘Update’ option. This will install the 4.0.1 upgrade on your iPhone 3GS. So go ahead and upgrade your old Apple iOS using these simple steps to enhance your iPhone experience.

Common iPhone Problems like Freezes and Wont Sync iTunes

IPhone has no doubt been one of the most popular gadgets of all time, owing to its amazing user-friendliness, cool applications and the powerful connectivity. However, like every powerful gadget, it suffers some common problems. The common issues are sudden freezing of the OS and problems pertaining to synchronization of music between the iTunes software and the PC.

Many a times, low battery makes the iPhone unresponsive to applications which take up prominent amount of battery. In such cases, one needs to put up his iPhone for battery charging. In case where the whole OS goes frozen, one can press and hold the Sleep button (or the Sleep and Home button together) to reset the handset and restart it. In case of issues pertaining to the iTunes software, one can check for an update online and install it. The last option is to reset the factory settings, which will clean all your data and install a fresh OS.

Closing the Apps on Your iPhone

The iPhone is a power-packed intelligent device which has amazing applications which have the capacity
to run simultaneously (without compromising on the processing speed). However, the trick comes when you have to close one or more of the currently running tasks (like applications) on your iPhone. In this case, the Multi-tasking status bar comes to your rescue, as you can manage the ongoing applications on your iPhone. This is similar to managing the simultaneously running programs on your desktop computer.

Double clicking (or tapping) on the ‘Home’ button will pull up the Multi tasking status bar at the bottom of the screen on your iPhone. In case there are many apps open at a time, you might have to swipe left or right to locate the app you want to deal with. Bring up the application and click on the ‘-’ button at the top left corner. This will close the application.

Internet Speed of Your 3G iPhone

The iPhone 3G has been quite famous for not only the traditional iPhone multimedia assets but also for the superior 3G connectivity it offered. The 3G & Wi-Fi capabilities of this brilliant masterpiece gives the user a high end Internet experience with download speeds between 115 kilo bits per second to 54 Mega bits per second, depending on his service provider & the opted plan.

The iPhone 3G interacts very well with the 2G services like GPRS and EDGE, giving fair surfing as well as downloading speeds. However, the true strength of the iPhone 3G is exposed when the HSDPA is tuned into, which gives an astounding speed of up to 21 Mbps. It also serves the IEEE 802.11b & 802.11g Wi-Fi networks very well giving a download speed of about 11 & 54 Mbps respectively. Apart from these, the iPhone flaunts the regular features like iTunes Music Player, Apple App Store and so on.

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