Playing MP4 on Your Android Phones

Android phones are capturing a huge segment of the cellular industry and they are getting better day by day, all thanks to the huge amount of investors & developers. Sharing small files like photos & contacts between two Android phones is pretty easier owing to the Bluetooth technology. However, larger files like MP4 video files will take near-to infinity if chosen to be sent via Bluetooth. However, the USB cable cord supplied with your mobile, a memory card & a PC is all you need to transfer MP4 videos (to your mobile) in a jiffy.

Connect the phone to your PC via the USB cable and click on the ‘USB Connected’ status on your phone. Locate the phone in Windows Explorer (in your PC). Transfer the MP4 file from your PC to your Android phone. Make sure you disconnect the phone properly from your PC (and do not just blindly unplug it). Locate the MP4 file on your Phone (go to ‘Gallery’) and get set to enjoy it.