Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Review: Pros And Cons

Pros and cons of iPhone 7

Reviews of iPhone 7

Apple has been trendy and it has taken over the market since many years. The latest release of apple is iPhone 7 and 7 plus which has captured the market totally. This new release has many new and impressive features. This happens every two years whenever any new iPhone is launched. These phones basically show more renovation instead of revelation. These phones are also extremely expensive and hence if as a user you are putting this much money in any phone, you will definitely ask for justifiable return. Before you go for buying iPhone 7 or Plus, you must take the review and know about its features and then decide whether it is worth buying or not.

  • Performance, design and storage

Majority of the changes are noticeable and these all changes are under the hood but the aesthetic changes are the one which are noticeable. The new black finish of the iPhone 7 is worth noticing and it looks marvelous. Particularly the shiny jet black is worth noticing. It has a fingerprint magnet. But in the end, many people cover up this beautiful finish with cases. When the width and weight of this phone is concerned, the phone is similar to that with its previous one. However you can say that their weight is hair lighter if you are directly comparing the old ones with new ones. The home button of iPhone 7 and plus is redesigned and now the button is just of the name only and now it is just the pressure sensitive disk which makes use of vibrations which gives a feel like a button. The users can customize the buzz strength for making it feel more or less clicky. One of the major improvements in iPhone 7 and plus is by the storage. In the previous models of iPhone, the biggest issue and complain was of the memory getting full all the time, the phone is always running out of space and you missed a photo just because your phone don’t have room to take it. In iPhone 7 and plus the apple has basically doubled the storage space as compared to that with their base model. From 16 Gb the storage was raised to 32 Gb and the new jet black iPhone has either 128 Gb or 256 Gb of storage capacity.

  • Battery life

Both iPhone 7 and plus in designed in such a way which has enhanced battery life. There are these new efficiency processing cored which are included on the alongside of the phone. This will make the phone use less power by using the same processes. As compared to previous iPhones, iPhone 7 and plus will have prolonged battery life of an hour. In general both this phones can easily spend a day with normal usage without any troubles. Even the iPhone 7 plus can last upto the next morning if the situation demands so.

Types Of Camera Lenses

Different types of camera lens

Types of camera lens

There are several types of camera lenses and there are factors to consider and hence you really need to make some research before you buy any one of them. If you are passionate about photography then you need to study all the types of camera lenses before buying any of them. Types of camera lenses you pick also depend upon the types of photography you need to do. It’s very essential to figure out which types of lenses can be suited with which types of cameras and which shooting style is applicable to which one. The most important thing to be taken care of is focal length. It is generally represented in millimeters. Basically a single number would be indicating a fixed focal length or prime lens whereas a range would indicate a zoom lens. Here are some of the types of camera lenses to choose from.

  • Prime lens

Generally prime lens does not have any zoom and has only one focal length. These lens are manufactured very precisely for making available this one length and it lacks some of the moving pieces and also such mechanisms which are needed to zoom. These can also be tack sharp. Because of their simple build, these can have large apertures which are basically the size of the opening of the lens. These types of lenses are more useful for low light photography and indoor shoots. If you are intending to get clear and crisp images then these types of camera lenses are perfect fit for you.

  • Zoom lens

These types of camera lenses are more consumer level and they will avail you with variable focal length. You are available with the option of turning them or sliding them in and out as per your convenience. These types of camera lenses are most probably chosen for the hobbyist people and the travellers. The reason being just one or two lens will be availing you with an entire range and there will not be any such need for you to carry a heavy and big camera bag and need to switch between wide and ultra wide or telephoto or normal. You are also available with the feature of super zoom which will be covering total range that majority of the people will ever need. However these types of camera lens will not avail you with the perfection that prime lens provide but it’s getting better with time.

  • Telephoto lens

These types of lens are those lens which are exceeding 50mm even though these term is gradually used to define object which are beyond 100mm. The lenses which have range in between 50mm to 10mm are basically noted as portrait lenses. This is because they are primarily used for this and they also excel at this. Telephotos lens basically make the depth of the field short and it helps you to isolate your subject from the background and enable you to have shallow focus. One of the examples is that the short plane looks very sharp and  the other object around or behind it looks blur.

Pros and Cons of using Memory Card

Image of Memory card

Memory card image

Keeping an intact data storage is extremely important now days. Storing a backup is an important task for all the people. Each and every field has its different situation of storing data. Id a business fails to back up its important matters and documents; it might merely indulge itself into a huge trouble. It might simply result in losing the work, letting down the clients and the customers of the business and also will result in wasting the money of the business for forming the information and important data. Well, for avoiding this situation, it is important stores a memory card. For many of the reason we make the use of memory cards like for storing images, important documents, personal information, videos and many other aspects.

People need a backup for storing their important information and media. For this, the importance of memory card is available to the people. There are varied options available in the market for purchasing memory cards. They are also cheaper that depends upon the storage and the RAM you select in the form of your memory card. Many of the years ago, the use of magnetic tape was made for storing the important stuffs. Even, you have also used the floppy disks and CDs for storing your information. Well, let me introduce you to the miniature version the storing device. The memory card is considered to be the miniature version that has the capacity of storing many of the data and details that are important to you.

Well, we all know, it needs really some good amount of hard work for storing the backup. But, as per the time, it is completely changed; there are numerous options available for storing the data. These devise are termed in the list of storing important docs in today’s time. They are versatile, inexpensive and really easy at use. But, when there are so many benefits, there is always the place for drawbacks. Here are certain pros and cons of using memory card for storing some of your important things and information that is personal and important to you.

Pros of using memory card:

  • Memory cards are termed to be non-volatile in structure that works in keeping the data stable on the card. There is less threat of your data to be lost or vanished simply because of power source.
  • Memory cards need less amount of power supply for functioning.
  • While they are working, they actually do not produce and noise. It is being proved.
  • They are in the state of solid structure, so there are fewer chances for inviting any damages or mechanical difficulties.

Cons of using memory card:

  • There are many chances of it for breaking up easily.
  • As the memory card is small in size and structure, there are more chnaces of it to be misplaced or getting lost.
  • Well, sometimes, it is possible that the memory cards can get corrupted or can get affected by any electronic corruption that results into inviting virus in the card.

How to Clean your Laptop

Person Cleaning laptop

Laptop cleaned by a person

Are you facing any issues like sticking of your laptop’s starting keys? Are you facing the problems of laptop? Is your brand new looking laptop has started turning up to look like a thing in trash? Well, follow the tips and steps on cleaning the laptop with simple efficiency and ease. This can be performed by any of the person on their own.

Steps on cleaning the laptop:

Step 1: It’s advisable of selecting right type of cleaning material that is suitable to your laptop. For cleaning the screen, you should use special cleaning solution that is designed for cleaning the screens of the laptops only. And for cleaning the rest parts of the laptop, you will need some soap, a bowl, a can of compressed air and some amount of alcohol.

Step 2: Secondly, you need to turn off your laptop for further cleaning process. It’s advisable of not risking your machinery for running out of its order or not even attempting a shock to yourself while cleaning your laptop.

Step 3: Make sure to remove any disk, CDs, mouse, USB keys and anything else that is attached to the laptop. You should keep these things in mind as it might interrupt your process of cleaning your laptop. If you not take them off, they will simply lead a disturbance in your way.

Step 4: If you still don’t want to remove off the keys attached, you might need a can with compressed air for cleaning your laptop. Dint use the can upside down, simply you need to tilt it and spray it. Still if you’re facing any trouble spraying the can, you can make the use of your laptop. Tilt it a bit, but make sure you not end up damaging it. Continue using you can sprayer unless all the accumulated debris is off the surface of your laptop.

Step 5: If you want to clean the keys of your laptop, make the use of knife for cleaning the same. But be careful while using it, as it might not only damage the keys but can also harms you. Knife is helpful in removing off the keys from its base. But before prying keys off its surface, make sure that you know the process of replacing it. Some of the keys are different from the ordinary ones. If you’re not sure, try popping up a single key before you head ahead for the others.

Step 6: Make the use of bowl and dish washing soap for cleaning the keys. Make necessary scrubbing that can help you in cleaning it. Let it dry for some time and clean it with a clean cloth. Clean your entire keyboard so that you can place back the keys on its place.

Step 7: It’s advisable of filling another bowl with Luke warm water and adding some amount of alcohol to it. Dip a part of the cloth in and clean the entire section of keyboard before you place back the keys. Don’t forget to clean the ports for making them function in a proper way.

Tips on Maintaining a Camera

Person Cleaning a camera with a microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth used for Cleaning a camera

Whether it’s a normal camera or a DSLR one, maintaining both of them are equally important. Digital cameras are among the pricey investment which you make in your life. But, in many cases we notice that, many of us treat like it’s a disposable item you can easily buy at any of the general store. But folks!! The reality is something else. But, there’s nothing to worry about because with proper maintaining tips and care, your lenses and camera can last for a longer durability. Here are certain tips to consider while maintaining a camera of yours.

Camera maintaining tips:

  • If you’re thinking that cleaning the lenses camera by using your shirt, Nah! Not a good idea folks. The clothes you wear soak up the sweat and dirt of your body, are you still ready of transferring that dirt and junk to your camera? No, right!! Even the fabrics of your cloth might turn up resulting in to damaging the upper surface of the lenses.
  • But for cleaning the lenses, you can simply make the use of microfiber cloth, an air blower or a specialized brush simply designed for cleaning the lenses. Make sure to say no to the compressed air as it might damage the lenses of your cameras.
  • There are many chances that you miss out or slip up certain things from your hands. It’s advisable of taking a hanging strap and attaching it in your camera. Simply hang it up on round your neck and here you go with simply taking and maintaining your camera. I know right, we might many times see people slipping their cameras from their hands. Why to take the chance in here if you can simply prevent this from happening.
  • You can simply add the straps that come with your camera. If you don’t have any, it’s not much of expensive; you can simply buy it up from the store and make your camera work safely.
  • Dirt, humidity and many other factors results into damaging the surface of your lenses. You simply need to cover it up every time once you’re done with shooting pictures and videos. This helps in not only protecting your camera but there are less chances of it getting toned and scratched.
  • When you’re camera is not in use, cap up the front as well as the back lenses. Lenses in a camera are amongst the most valuable assets that is not maintained properly, it might turn damaging. And mind it; lenses are even more costly that might increase up on your pockets.
  • Mind it folks, memory is precious that is stored in your camera. So, it’s advisable of not removing the memory card while your camera is on. If you observe rapidly blinking light on your camera, it simply means that your memory card is being written. Make sure you’re not removing it off while this process.
  • As the data is transferring, removing and ejecting again back to it results in losing some of the beautiful memories of yours. So, if you want to protect the same, make sure to follow this tips for maintaining your camera in an up to date condition.

Tips on Speeding Up your Computer

Animated image of Speeding up your computer

Speed up your computer image

As you’ll use your computer, over a time, the actual speed of your computer might result in decreasing. You can easily observe this as your computer system taking more time for opening or closing a window, slow speed in surfing and browsing the internet and many such other tasks. But, there’s nothing to worry about because there are certain tips that can increase and help in speeding up your computer. Here is the list of tips that helps in increasing the performing level of your computer. Well, the key of increasing the speed of your computer is by eliminating the smaller issue the first unless and until the system of the computer starts responding in a better way. If you want to improve and increase the speed of your computer, it’s great but do not harm it beyond its expectations. Here is the list of things to perform for speeding up your computer.

Computer speeding tips:

  • Is your computer is a hub of old programs? First and formerly task that can be performed for increasing the speed of your computer is by removing any old programs from your computer. If you’re never going to use that program again, there’s no need of storing it in your computer any long.
  • They turn in taking up not only the space, but also increases the loading effects in your computer. It’s advisable of doing a little amount of spring cleaning if you’re no more using that application or program in your computer.
  • There are certain secret files which are kept by us but then we even forget to even notice. This decreases the speed as well as the space available in your computer. Well, these types of files are also known as non-essential files that should be removed or deleted from your computer as fast as possible. It might also result in inviting viruses to your computer that can even crash your computer system.
  • Make sure, you’re not inviting any viruses for your computer. It’s advisable of installing an antivirus in your computer. Antivirus helps in detecting any virus and prevents it from entering in your computer.
  • If you observe your computer to work even slower, it’s advisable of switching it off. There are certain programs that still functions in the background, and we might be having that perception that it is closed. Due to those programs, it leads in leeching up all the energy and accurate space of your computer. This directly results into slowing down the operating speed of your computer.
  • You might have remembered those days when, starting up the computer was certainly painless as well as effortless. Now I think you might have to wait for all the programs to start and then work further with your computer. There are many a times noticed that your old machine is running certain programs in the background, but you won’t able to identify.
  • It might lead in taking up the precious space and memory in your computer that simply results into slowing down the speed of your PC.

Tips To Increase Internet Speed In Your Android Phone

Boosting internet speed

Increasing internet speed

There is a constant need of internet access in your phone despite of the fact which sector you are working in. Use of internet on phone has increased widely. It is used by students to collect information, by teenagers to use social media, by business to avail latest detail of the market and many more people. It is really a pain in head to use your android phone with low speed. If you are having an android phone with low speed, you might know exactly the trouble you are facing. You cannot cope with this low speed issue for a long time and hence you need a solution to increase internet speed in your android phone. To increase internet speed in your android phone, you need to find the causes of low speed and then go for eradicating them. The basic reason for low speed can be load in network, poor signal strength or congestion. To increase internet speed in your android phone, you cannot change any of these as these factors are not under your control. However there are certain things which you can do to improve internet speed in your android phone which are also under your control. Here are some of the things to do for increasing internet speed in your android phone.

  • Uninstall extra apps

If your phone is a storehouse of different apps then it can be one of the reasons for low internet speed. Hence check out which apps are useful and which are not. Uninstall all the extra apps from your phone which are not being used by you. This will definitely help you to increase internet speed in your android phone.

  • Clear cache

Cache memory also chokes much space in your phone and results in lowering your internet speed. Clearing out the cache memory from your phone will avail with extra space in your phone resulting in increase in internet speed in your android phone. For getting faster mobile experience, keep the memory of your phone as empty as possible.

  • Choose 3G as preferred network connection

3g network always gives better internet speed as compared to that with 2G. If you have been using 2G since a long time and due to low speed issue, you shift to 3G and still you are getting low internet speed then you might have chosen 2G as your network connection. Change it to 3G by going in the settings in wireless and network options. This will definitely increase internet speed in your android phone.

  • Use apps to increase internet speed

You might be very much surprised to know that there are several apps available on the Google play stores which are designed specifically for increasing internet speed in your android phone. You must go for installing these apps in your android device and check whether they are helping you out for solving this issue or not. Try various apps and see which one helps you more and consider installing it and keeping it to enjoy better internet speed.

Things to Check if your Computer is Functioning Slow

Laptop functioning slow

Lady fed up of Laptop functioning slow

When you’re computer of laptop is functioning really slowly and your work is piling on you, we can simply understand how annoying that situation is! Wait Wait! Don’t give up right away. Before you give up, here are certain tips of checking your computer functioning slow. It will help your computer function a bit faster as compared to before.

Tips on computer functioning slow:

  • Do you have any programs running in the startup that is not requires to be running anymore? If you’re not using that program every day, there’s no need of running it at the start-up because it will consume unnecessary space or resources in your computer. It might prove to among the reason of your computer functioning slow.
  • Check it by starting up the menu button and type msconfig, wait unless the window pops up and select the startup tab. Now, check accurately that whether you need any of the programs for running all of your time or not.
  • Identify which programs when runned are taking more of the resources of your computer. Start the process by pressing Ctrl plus ATL plus DELETE for bring up the task manager. Select the processes that are interrupting the process of your computer functioning slow. And sort it up both by the memory and the CPU for observing that what is tying up the resources f your computer.
  • You’ll defiantly find a website that is hanging up or the program that is no more in your use. As the time passes, the data stored in your drive gets fragmented in different pieces. If you’re working with windows 7 or Vista, defragmentation happens on its own in the background of the computer but if you’re operating with old XP system in your computer, it’s advisable of heading forward manually when you observe your computer functioning slow or at least in a month.
  • Don’t forget to clean up the temporary file stored in your computer. This might be resulting in slowing down your computer. Every time you visit a website, it’s really common that the temporary files are stored up in your computer. Trust me, it’s just the clutter on your hard drive that will result in slowing down your computer.
  • Make a mandate check on the space available in your computer. If the space is about to get full, make sure to clean the unnecessary files stored in your computer. It results in your computer functioning slow.
  • Don’t keep more of the windows open in your computer is you’re not using them anymore. Don’t keep opening the windows including the web files and pages, because it will slow down your computer and the speed which you’re in need of should not be availed by you while functioning on your computer.
  • Take a note on the ram. Have you got enough RAM for storing your files or not? If you’re not having enough RAM, it might result in slowing down the functions of your computer.

Benefits Of Using Wi-Fi On Your Smart Phone

Benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smartphone

Using Wi-Fi on your smartphone is better option

Wi-Fi is method for the smartphones to connect with the internet wirelessly using radio waves. If you want to connect with the Wi-Fi you need hot spot. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone always avails you with the better speed as compared to that of 3G cellular data. Sometimes it is even faster than 4G cellular data. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone when it is available can prove to be quite cheaper and it can also make your phone run more effectively in the long run instead of relying on cellular network. Thus if you are thinking to use Wi-Fi on your smart phone, then it would be a great choice as there are many benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. If you are unaware about the benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone then here are some of the advantages of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone.

  • Staying under the data cap

When you are using Wi-Fi on your smart phone for accessing the internet, the data usage does not count against all your bundled data. Data pack will give you certain amount of data to use for certain amount of money, if you use extra internet then you will be charged extra for this. Thus when you are around any W-Fi zone, you must use Wi-Fi on your smart phone as it will save you data pack and you will allowed to use for longer period of time.

  • Better speed

In most of the situation the internet speed given by your data pack would be way less than what you get by using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. You will not have to wait for opening any website or your email will also open very soon. It is really very irritating to wait for a long period of time for opening just a website. You will not have to face this trouble if you are using Wi-Fi n your smart phone. The main difference in the speed will be seen when you are transferring large files. Even streaming audio and videos are also very easy if you are using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. You will not have to wait for buffering; you can enjoy the video you are watching without any kind of hindrance.

  • Lower cost

There are many members in your family and all of them will be using data pack for internet, instead you should opt for installing Wi-Fi in your home and you will be able to use more data and also at low cost. Thus using Wi-Fi on your smart phone is really cost saving. If you are not installing it at your home then you must consider using Wi-Fi when you are in any hotel or in any café or at airport and you can download all the necessary software and updates without having to pay extra to your internet service provider. Even doing video calls also takes too much data, thus you can do such things when you have Wi-Fi and save lots of bucks.

Tips While Buying A Laptop

LaptopsLaptop market has changed a lot since last few years and buying a perfect laptop has become much more difficult with lots of options around you. You might be confused as to which one to opt and which one not to opt. But still buying the right laptop also depends upon the age of yours and also upon the work you do. Various laptops come with various specifications designed for several different types of purposes. Say for example if you are buying a laptop for your kid then your choice would be different, if you are buying a laptop for office work then also your choice will be different, if you are buying a laptop for your ten age son or daughter then also your choice would be something else. Hence buying the right laptops depends upon many factors. Make a bit of research and increase your knowledge and also have a good idea about the prices and then go for the one best among all with good specifications and price. You need to decide your need then opt for the one suit you the most. Here are some of the tips for buying the right laptop.

  • Consider advantage of a laptop

If you already don’t have any laptop then before buying the right laptop considers all the benefits you can have from having one. Compare having desktop or laptop and then decide which one to have. As compared of course laptop have more advantages as compared to laptops. Laptops are flexible and hence you can carry them wherever you go and whenever you go. There are many desktops which are incapable of running several games and this things can be done in laptops and hence consider having laptop as compared to desktop. Laptops are also good for saving space and can be places anywhere you find the space which is not possible in desktops.

  • Also keep negatives in mind

As we all know laptops are too good as they are portable and they are really good for using as compared to desktops but it also have some of the negatives to be taken care if before you opt for buying it. As laptops are portable there are significant chances of them being stolen? There is also possibility that you forget it. This thing cannot happen with desktop. Even the battery life of laptops is also not very much attractive and you can have a problem with that. If you are a person to be travelling am lot then battery life can be an issue.

  • Think about what you will be using laptop for

Laptops have many varied use and thus it is very important to focus on your main purpose of buying a laptop. While selecting the laptop, you must think as to what is the main use of your laptop and then make your decision and then go for buying it. It depends whether it is for office use or for playing games or listening to music.

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